Services Delivered at Many RPMs

GET YOUR SIX DRIVE to Factory Billet performance.

We’ve been there. Your SIX drive takes the abuse that comes with offshore powerboat racing, poker running, and the increasing power output of the modern sterndrive engine.

Factory Billet can rebuild your SIX drive, making it even stronger than it came from the factory. We take it down to the core, inspecting every part
for visible damage or fatigue. But we go beyond the core, checking for tolerances of the skeg and blueprint the lower surface to get the maximum efficiency out of the water piercing gear case. With critical components changed to 4140 to match our custom specs, new Factory Billet finished gears, bearings, oil, filters, rubber components and the lower gear case blueprinted.

You’ll be ready to hit the water with confidence, knowing your drives are ready for the ultimate performance – the Factory Billet way.


from the inside out.

Factory Billet starts with a complete dyno run of your engine to get a baseline before the tear down begins. After the baseline is confirmed, we strip your engine down to a bare cylinder block to rebuild the core from the inside out, inspecting every part for visible damage or fatigue. The block, crankshaft and all other rotating components are washed and magnafluxed to ensure the metallurgy’s integrity.

After the long-block assembly has been refreshed, it goes through our final inspection stage to ensure the engine will outperform the factory specs. Each engine endures a complete dyno run prior to being released and sealed – as certified Factory Billet fresh.

So are we.

From concepts with our customer, to reality on the dock: At Factory Billet, our flexibility in design extends from our engines and billet work through our extensive knowledge of the performance boat industry.

We’re not only addicted to speed and performance, but we’re obsessed with detail. Factory Billet is dedicated to getting the boat to perform to its fullest potential, not only on the open water but also looking good around the docks.

Having full in-house design capability is essential to not only delivering what you dream of, but also enabling us to pursue our own ideas of pushing the limits of performance. It gives us the unique opportunity to become a leader in design and engineering – creating industry trends, instead of following them.

Let Factory Billet show you the ability to push the limits of your dreams.


TUNING. As much an art as a science.

Through many years of experience tuning a variety of engine platforms on the dyno – from 300 hp to 5,000 hp – we’ve mastered our craft and created a total tuning solution that fits your exacting demands. Not only are we able to extract additional HP/TQ, but do so without compromising drivability and reliability.